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Overcoming Talent Challenges
With Real Organisational Experience

In today’s highly competitive business landscape where concerns over talent acquisition and retention are on the rise, it is imperative for organisations to craft a compelling employee experience—or as we call it, the Real Organisational Experience—to meet the rising expectations of today’s valued talents and increase the chances to attract and retain them.

While 80 per cent of executives surveyed in Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends recognised the importance of a compelling experience, only 22 per cent believed they were excellent at building one. This suggests that most organisations still struggle with creating the organisational experience they desire.

Developed to help organisations meet this growing challenge, PACE’s Real Organisational Experience (ROE) assessment is a research-based diagnostic tool designed to provide organisations with insights into their internal state by capturing authentic voices from organisational members regarding their experience being part of the organisation.

Research & Development
of Real Organisational Experience Assessment

Leveraging over three decades of practitioner experience, our OD experts built upon Deloitte’s Simply Irresistible Organisation™ Model and crafted the Real Organisational Experience (ROE) framework as the foundation of the ROE assessment tool. Expanding on Deloitte’s five elements and 20 factors of an “irresistible” employee experience, the ROE framework articulates the employee experiential statements categorised into the six dimensions, each consisting of four factors:

Through a quantitative research of over 400 participants from various industries, our OD experts determined the individual importance of these factors in creating a positive organisational experience and designed the tool to account for the differences in its score calculation in order to more accurately quantify Real Organisational Experience scores.

To find out more about our research findings, download our Creating a Real Organisational Experience white paper now:

The Real Organisational Experience Journey

Pre-Assessment Engagement

The Real Organisational Experience (ROE) journey begins with the pre-assessment engagement stage, during which we will work closely with your organisation to understand your specific needs in order to customise the ROE assessment accordingly.

Assessment Administration

During the assessment administration stage, your organisational members will receive an email invitation with a unique link that leads them to the ROE assessment tailored to your organisation. They will be requested to rate the extent to which they agree/disagree with a series of 30 statements describing their organisational experience.

To ensure that responses are as reflective of the true organisational experience as possible, all participants will be reminded that their identity will be kept anonymous and confidential and that there is no right or wrong answer before they begin the assessment. They will also be encouraged to respond as honestly as possible based on their personal experience as a member of your organisation.

Report Interpretation & Consultation

Once all data are collected and analysed, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing your current organisational experience. To ensure that you reap the full benefits form your assessment results, our OD experts will guide you through the interpretation of your results as well as facilitate the development of targeted action plans to improve your overall organisational experience.


How is the Real Organisational Experience assessment different from employee satisfaction and employee engagement surveys?

Although the three concepts measured are closely intertwined, they address very different employee-related issues: Employee Satisfaction surveys report the extent to which employees are happy or content with the organisation, Employee Engagement surveys provide insights into how emotionally attached and committed employees are to the organisation, and PACE’s Real Organisational Experience (ROE) assessment evaluates the internal “touchpoints” that contribute to employees’ overall experience with the organisation.

Unlike Employee Satisfaction and Engagement surveys that measure the outcomes as a response of the employee’s experience within the organisation, the ROE assessment takes an in-depth approach to measure the actual experience that shapes these outcomes. This provides a platform for organisations to distil and appreciate the root causes of the outcomes, to design and implement effective OD solutions.

How can my organisation fully leverage the ROE?

Segmented into digestible sections and packed with attractive visuals, the ROE assessment report is designed to provide our client organisations with the most accurate insights into their current organisational experience at all levels of the organisation.

Each ROE assessment is coupled with a consultation session with our OD experts to ensure our clients reap the full benefits of their assessment results. Clients will be guided through the interpretation of their ROE assessment results and development of targeted action plans to improve their overall organisational experience that is instrumental to increasing employee satisfaction and engagement outcomes.

PACE O.D. International

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Some of our key products include PACE360° Feedback Assessment System, Real Leaders 360° Feedback System, Real Leaders Development Workshops, Real Service series of workshops, Real Culture and Real Performance Workshop Series.

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